A day in tweets for 2011-08-09

  • Finished watching season four of Dexter. Time to see if the library has five. #
  • And also time to play catchup on Empire Avenue. 108 notifications. Eeek. #
  • And Dexter is on order. Bugger. #
  • Oh. Not out yet. Double bugger. #
  • And oh yay. The library still hasn't fixed the catalog requests bug. Guess I'll be stopping at Reference next trip. #
  • In case you didn't know, you can Plus me at bit.ly/sjwplus #
  • 1:30 AM sitting at the desk with the reading lamps on, Pocky box nearby, feat up, reading Bunny Drop vol.1 My version of bliss. #
  • Still reading Bunny Drop. This is my bookmark by the way. http://t.co/D0kRYnx #
  • Mmm. @Borders Plus extended to the 10th now. Excellent. #
  • Ah crap. Just realized I still need to put new sheets on the bed :/ #
  • @Komodo_Zero there are a ton in that game in reply to Komodo_Zero #
  • I entered the contest "Community Apps – What are your ideas?" on Prizes.org to win $100: http://prizes.org/p/LlCUDyhQ9uxN #
  • Back from a shoot. Editing and Post time 😀 #
  • Awesome! My Move.Me code arrived from @Sony today. Guess they know I'm visiting tomorrow again. #
  • Trailer for today's shoot going up now. #
  • What’s the Fastest Web Browser in the “Real World?” Chrome. via @techcrunch http://t.co/Mr4serD #
  • In a world with too many rotten vegetables, one sword master is determined to rid us of them. http://youtu.be/p4hVVZh_8dc #

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