A day in tweets for 2011-07-30

  • Wow. I really should log in to Wakfu more often. There's been some HUGE changes since I last opened it. #
    OK Go x Pilobolus – "All Is Not Lost" #notlost #
  • Other Chrome Experiments: http://bit.ly/pDsgb9 #
  • Heading to EWR. #
  • At the Jersey Gardens Mall.
    Steve W. #
  • Jersey Gardens FINALLY put a Starbucks in. Thank god.
    Steve W. #
  • Now to Freehold for dinner at Cheesecake Factory.
    Steve W. #
  • At the Cheesecake Factory.
    Steve W. #
  • Sweet. Power outage here.
    Steve W. #
  • Waiting on our check to be hand written. Systems still down here.
    Steve W. #
  • Back home. Amazed power is on.
    Steve W. #
  • Haven't seen 5 Centimeters Per Second yet? Catch it on @Crunchyroll this weekend for free: http://bit.ly/oPh0fV #

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