A day in tweets for 2011-07-11

  • Oh shit. Are you kidding me? My @Sony camera just died on me. Lens is stuck. Shit. #
  • Well, I know who I'm calling tomorrow. How the warranty is decent :/ #
  • Yay Sony… http://t.co/fqlUybF #
  • Wow. Really @Sony? You want ME to pay to send my camera out for repair? Are you kidding me? #
  • And just got the camera to power on, but lens sounds terrible. *sigh* Screw it. I'll send it in. #
  • Oh brilliant. So @Sony took my card information but never generated my UPS label. Well that's just great. #
  • And even more brilliant, it appears @Sony support is closed on the weekend. Nice to see how much you care Sony. #
  • I liked a @YouTube video http://youtu.be/dv8kNTH-KDY?a Super Fast Spray Paint Artist #
  • And as the last tweet for tonight, the Apple Store is down. Just in case you wanted to know. #
  • Well, looks like @Sony never emailed me the information about my repair. Brilliant. #
  • Oh look. An Email from Sony. *checks it* And it's an AD… Yeah, last thing I want to see from you right now @Sony. #
  • Well, I think I'll go mow that lawn before it gets any hotter :/ #
  • I liked a @YouTube video http://youtu.be/6Oaql6f7j9c?a [MMD] That's how dumb you sound! #
  • Play for Japan Benefit Album Now Available http://t.co/MUYB60H via @crunchyroll #
  • likes Play For Japan: The Album by Akira Yamaoka, Arthur Inasi, Bear McCreary, Chance Thomas, Hip Tanaka…. http://t.co/1gSCrGz #iTunes #
  • If you need something to freshen up your iTunes library, I highly suggest giving this a go. Music is beau… http://t.co/ac2ZikJ #iTunes #
  • Classic Google welcome page http://twitpic.com/5och5b #
  • For the record, I LOVE the new YouTube. #

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