A day in tweets for 2011-06-28

  • Anyone else getting a very, very slow @jlist site today? Trying to determine if @opendns is hung up on it. #
  • If you don't use/want to use Colloquy, better grab this: http://bit.ly/lFNrZV Free for today only. Credit to @TUAW for the tip. #
  • Yep. @Jlist problem. Just got a 500 error on it. http://twitpic.com/5hpuc6 #
  • In other news, new desktop wallpaper today. Another from @dannychoo. http://twitpic.com/5hpuwr #
  • And co-op commuting done (for now)! Now summer break really starts. #
  • I second that – RT @ChrisPirillo: Once – just once – I'd like to see an error message stating that Twitter is UNDER capacity. #
  • I see @Crackle has jumped on the Empire Avenue bandwagon. #EAv #
  • 398 emails later, inbox finally clean again. #
  • Doing some hacking away at the blog/site/port/nwrk. Working on a layout design that isn't god-awful [hopefully]. #
  • Sometimes I wish application windows would explode when they crash. Would make things more fun. #
  • Site work done for now. Turning it back on to the public. #
  • Alright, three fresh blog entries posted. Crunchyroll time. #
  • Finished Astarotte's Toy. My thoughts are now up on @Crunchyroll: http://bit.ly/eZujC9 #
  • I may grab a few of these. Some are indeed quite nice: http://bit.ly/mnMSzy #
  • Brother gone with friends for three days or so. House is quiet. It's like being an only child again. And to be honest, I like it. Quiet. #
  • WHOA. Huge amount of gifts in We Rule today (so many I can't open them all in one day). Dunno why but thank you to all who sent one 😀 #
  • Oh hey there Walnut Street – RT @ifostore: New story: Rare Sighting: Display Table Refinishing http://bit.ly/kwtann #

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