A day in tweets for 2011-06-13

  • Anime and manga on shelves, more or less… Man I've got a lot now. #
  • @thewinchesterau awesome! Thanks 😉 in reply to thewinchesterau #
  • Still getting used to waking up and seeing trees outside my windows. #
  • Testing. Is this thing back on yet? #
  • Done catching up with posts on @dannychoo. Now to go take that shower I meant to take an hour ago XD #
  • For those who are interested in how the move back in is progressing… slowly. Will have pictures to share when done. #
  • Also, I fixed the Twitter + Facebook sync. *insertevillaughhere* #
  • Think I'll start IRC and IMs back up now. I won't really be around though XD #
  • Figmas are back up. Did some dusting the IT way (canned air). Still a ways to go. Almost through 1 big box o crap. 1 more to go. #
  • (Founder Stories) How Mike McCue Came Up With Flipboard: “What If We Accidentally Deleted The Web” http://t.co/mbtENp5 via @techcrunch #
  • First interview tomorrow super early. The fun begins. I'm still not even fully moved back in ^_^; #

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