A day in tweets for 2011-06-10

  • Two fire alarms in one day. Really? #
  • I'm at Myers Hall (3301 Race Street, btw 34th & 33rd streets, Philadelphia) http://4sq.com/kN57UM #
  • I'm at The Handschumacher Dining Center (3210 Chestnut St, at Drexel University, Philadelphia) http://4sq.com/m7QAoY #
  • “@engadget: Japan trying out roadside service vehicles capable of charging EVs, soothing range anxiety http://t.co/pm2cDNb” #
  • Figured out why the AC was louder than normal. Wasn't the AC. It was the Pro at 200*F. Shit. #
  • Passed math. Barely. Thank God. Grade sucks, but passed. #
  • However, I do now seriously need high As in all my other classes from this term to get the GPA back up. #
  • Just one more day. One more day. #
  • Of course I'm not happy with the grades so far, but seriously, thank God they are passing. #
  • But yeah, this isn't going to be a fun term to share with the parents…. #
  • Oh man. Cubs in Philly? This'll be a good game. #
  • @SquareEnixWakfu congrats! in reply to SquareEnixWakfu #
  • I wish I was going to AX now. So many things I wish I could see. #
  • Last dinner at Drexel for the year. (@ The Handschumacher Dining Center) http://4sq.com/imZaRK #
  • In other news, #konamiu results finally in. Looks like Drexel won 😀 http://t.co/nZkLRKd #
  • I'm at Libary Learning Terrace (3306 Race St, Philadelphia) http://4sq.com/k07yHD #

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