A day in tweets for 2011-06-08

  • So I love how my math professor just NOW emails out the other two exams from this year as practice for tomorrow's. Yeah, this'll be fun. #
  • And bed. Not looking forward to this final, especially the 8a timeslot. And I need to pass it too :/ #
  • I honestly don't have the slightest idea where I am in regards to pass/fail for math right now… #
  • Breakfast before math final. (@ Starbucks) http://4sq.com/jttAgx #
  • Math final time. Here goes everything. #
  • I'm at Drexel Main Building (3141 Chestnut St, 31st & Chestnut, Philadelphia) http://4sq.com/m6jSs2 #
  • Looks like Mitsubishi has a hand dryer to compete with the Dyson Airblade. Drexel's got one in Main. Used it 😀 #
  • Hmm. To get the iOS 5 beta or not to. Already got the new gestures. Lion I can wait for. Only next month. #
  • In other news, not watching Ninty live at E3 this year. I'll be at lunch. Might get the recording. #
  • @Komodo_Zero No disk. It will make a recovery partition though. in reply to Komodo_Zero #
  • What? I'm running Linux? Yep. I do. VBox for now. Might image it later to do a real install. #
  • And totally forgot to attach the screenshot. Whoops. http://twitpic.com/58b0qp #
  • @cronocx just install the Trackpad update and the trackpad pref pane gets added. It's just like on a MB. And yes, you can mouse too. in reply to cronocx #
  • Slowly scheduling co-op interviews. Next two weeks are filling up fast. #
  • I'm at North Hall (3200 Race St., Philadelphia) http://4sq.com/kGDWGJ #
  • “@ifostore: New story: Reseller Ready To Debut 'Unique Retail Experiment' http://t.co/U2J5878” #
  • Oh wow. Foursquare accepted my Superuser application. Great day to be wearing the @Foursquare shirt 😀 http://t.co/FxPD3Jn #
  • I'm at The Handschumacher Dining Center (3210 Chestnut St, at Drexel University, Philadelphia) http://4sq.com/iTz4bf #
  • I just ousted @lwrncjones as the mayor of The Handschumacher Dining Center on @foursquare! http://4sq.com/amIbgq #
  • I just unlocked the "Munchies" badge on @foursquare! http://4sq.com/muboCD #
  • I'm at Creese Student Center (3210 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia) http://4sq.com/kVN1rR #

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