A day in tweets for 2011-06-06

  • I wish this wouldn't be a long-distance call :/ #
  • Watching Deadman Wonderland 8 on Crunchyroll! http://www.crunchyroll.com/media-573456 #crunchyroll #
  • Watching SKET Dance 9 on Crunchyroll! http://www.crunchyroll.com/media-573238 #crunchyroll #
  • Uploading footage from the grand opening of the library learning to YouTube for those who missed it. #
  • On the Facebook side of things, have a lot of various pictures to put up. #
  • Finals, moving, E3, WWDC all this week. Cue madness. #
  • May well have just started my last load of laundry for the year at Drexel. #
  • I'm at The Handschumacher Dining Center (3210 Chestnut St, at Drexel University, Philadelphia) http://4sq.com/lhD5Z8 #
  • Very slowly reading through @dannychoo's post on discovering Japan. One of the best stories I've ever seen and read. Highly recommend. #
  • In others news, dunno what I'm more excited for: WWDC, E3, or finishing my first year at Drexel. #
  • I think I'd be looking forward to summer break more if I had a job though :/ Yeah, still looking. #
  • On another tangent, feel like making a @Starbucks run after din. Which means right now XD #
  • @cronocx @michaelloyd and what a welcome error screens are. in reply to cronocx #
  • If you read nothing else today, read this: http://bit.ly/kCaVNM #
  • http://bit.ly/lSkEce [How Discovering Japa…] Have you ever considered writing a physical book? I'm dead serious. I'd pre-order… #
  • I'm at Myers Hall (3301 Race Street, btw 34th & 33rd streets, Philadelphia) http://4sq.com/jPe6jf #
  • I'm at North Hall (3200 Race St., Philadelphia) http://4sq.com/kYbYQp #
  • “@GeekHistory: Today in #GeekHistory 6/5/1967: Ron Livingston, star of Office Space, is born in Cedar Rapids, Iowa” #

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