A day in tweets for 2011-06-02

  • Oh lookie. the OSX security update is out. #
  • Two months late… – RT @DrexelDigest: #drexel Library Learning Terrace Opening http://bit.ly/kKHdpE #
  • Alright, i think that's enough Oracle for tonight before I drive myself insane. DML part tomorrow. #
  • And now, for shits and grins, to stick Winblows in a VM. #
  • Watching STEINS;GATE 9 on Crunchyroll! http://www.crunchyroll.com/media-573530 #crunchyroll #
  • Winblows installs a lot faster when you're watching anime XD #
  • @cronocx looks like it's to block it, yeah in reply to cronocx #
  • In case you missed them, vlogs from Sunday: http://youtu.be/cPeUdqiYFEk http://youtu.be/_ToOfYwAlig #
  • @cronocx yeah have to keep the IM networks closed this week. Too many projects need doing. in reply to cronocx #
  • I'm at The Handschumacher Dining Center (3210 Chestnut St, at Drexel University, Philadelphia) http://4sq.com/kehZWQ #
  • As much as I do like that it's Wednesday, it still feels weird. More like a Tuesday. #
  • RT @redditflipboard: First Post – My wife made me an anniversary card, lol.: #reddit #flipboard http://imgur.com/giFrC #
  • On LUCY for first time.
    Steve W. #
  • Well, don't think I'm getting #srch today. #
  • I'm at Rush Building (The iSchool at Drexel: College of Information Science and Technology) http://4sq.com/mFWuyO #
  • I'm at Starbucks (3401 Walnut St, at 34th St, Philadelphia) http://4sq.com/mdKs7K #
  • Thank god for @Starbucks. Keeping me sane while hacking away at this project. The Oracle one. #
  • I've lost track of how long I've been here. Getting a fair bit done though. Could do with the flies :/ #
  • Interesting updates – search+photos http://t.co/WYOHTIR via @twitter #
  • Kinda wish I knew what story the text on the wall here at @Starbucks is from. 34th and Chestnut location. 4 huge panels. #
  • Whoops. Had a guest pass for @Crunchyroll expire today. Meant to give that away ^_^; Well, still got three more XD #
  • @YokosoNews *raises hand* Seriously? How in the world does Japan not have SMS? in reply to YokosoNews #
  • Dear person who if they laughed any louder could possibly break a window, a) you sound like a moron, b) this is Starbucks, not a playground. #

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