Sneak Peak – Life in Philly 1

For the first content exclusive to this site (even if it does automatically go to Twitter once I post), I thought I’d give you all a little sneak peak at the Life in Philly series. Here’s a peak at week one.

Hi there! If you’re reading this, you’ve managed to stumble upon a project I’ve decided to start. Last Saturday, I was suddenly hit by a pretty significant burst of inspiration while downing a coffee at one of the three Starbucks immediately near me. While there, I was reading Danny Choo’s blog, now known as Culture Japan, as I often do. However, this past Saturday (May 7th by the way) I was reading an update he hadn’t posted in a while. OK, so he posted it on Friday and I didn’t get around until reading it until Saturday. but that isn’t important. You know what, just completely forget reading that last sentence. It never happened. Anyway, it was a post from his Week in Tokyo series. I in no way mean to copy what he does, but it got me thinking, “How much would people care if I documented my life?” And I mean beyond Twitter. Shortly after, I found myself taking out my camera and started to record a vlog, something I hadn’t done in a long time.

Fitting enough, the vlog was on inspiration; what do I do for inspiration. Rather than let that burst of inspiration I had die out in one day, I decided to keep with it. So, Sunday rolled around and I decided to take a walk throughout the city. Sure, it was only Walnut and Market Street, but better than nothing I suppose. On that walk, I did something I hadn’t before. I visited Rittenhouse Square. Yep, that’s right. I’ve been in Philly since September of last year and I just visited Rittenhouse Square this past Sunday.

I bet you’re thinking, that asshole. Sunday was Mother’s Day. Why wasn’t he thanking his mom for being a mom? I did. In multiple mediums. I would’ve loved to have been home for Mother’s Day – and yes home is only a state away – it was beyond my control. Getting back to Rittenhouse Square, it was packed. Perfect day for picture taking. While I wouldn’t call Rittenhouse Square as impressive as New York’s Central Square, it’s quite nice having it just a couple of blocks away from Drexel. Sure there’s Love Park and Fairmont Park, but Love Park is more concreet than green and Fairmont Park involves going through the less than wonderful part of Philly. Yeah, not the best idea to walk there.

Anyway, if you want to see all the photos from Sunday’s walk, check out the gallery (not in this preview). By the way, for the full size (or close enough) of those images, just click on them.

That’s all the preview for now. Stay tuned later this week for the rest of the first entry to the series.

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