Having a bit of fun with mates back at Uni poke fun at Myki reminded me I haven’t shared my full thoughts on the system. Myki is a system I have to use here daily in Melbourne and while it’s not horrible, it far from being an efficient, reliable ticketing […]

Myki Isn’t Horrible, But It Has Plenty Of Room For ...

Update: As promised, the response from Yarra Trams, which was a phone call this morning (12 December): Mr. G has had a flawless record with no complaints prior to this one. Because of his ethnicity and accent, he is often misunderstood (which he is aware of). He did not say “Yes, […]

[Updated] Well Excuse Me For Caring About My Trams

First Things First Those of you who follow my Twitter feed and/or read The Age last Wednesday (20 November) may already know some of my thoughts on Melbourne’s newest tram, the E-Class, but I realize I haven’t formally shared them in one post. I’d like to change that. First off, in […]

The E-Class is Excellent