Privacy Policy

It’s your information. You deserve to know how it’s being used.

By viewing The France Hopper Network, your browser may gain cookies (not the edible kind, sadly) that collect some information about your interactions on the site.

We use Google Analytics to collect demographic data about visitors that enables us to see where visitors are coming from, the time they spend on the site, and what content they view. For Google’s Privacy Policy, click here.

As a second source of data, we also use Jetpack by Automattic to collect the same information. Click here for Automattic’s Privacy Policy.

Our commenting system is powered by Disqus. While we do not use any tracking data that Disqus may make available to us, Disqus may collect information on your activity both on The France Hopper Network and other sites utilizing the Disqus platform. Click here for Disqus’ Privacy Policy.

Information we collect is never sold nor distributed to third-parties. It is used only for internal purposes (demographic data) and is always accessed via a secure connection to our data providers. In the event a report is saved, it is protected with enterprise-class encryption, and any hard or solid state drives it may have been saved to are both wiped to Department of Defence standards and destroyed upon retirement.

We do not, nor have we ever, collected any personally identifiable information – unless you have publicly shared personal information in a comment made on the site.

To read our detailed privacy policy, click here.