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What's a StopID?

A StopID uniquely identifies a bus stop on the SEPTA system. It's how we know where you are and what direction you're traveling in. Most bus stops will have it located at the bottom of the stop sign. If your stop is missing one, you can find it here. You can also let SEPTA know.

What's a route number?

A route number is the route number for the bus, like route 21, which serves Penn's Landing (Eastbound) and 69th Street Transportation Center (Westbound). Bus stops and/or shelters should have the number(s) or letter(s) served at that stop. If the one you're looking for isn't at the stop you're at, check that you're at the right location and/or ask SEPTA for help.

What do you mean by "results"?

Results means how many results from the timetable you want. If you just want the next bus, enter "1". For the next three, enter "3".