A day in tweets for 2012-02-07

  • So it looks like Claris isn't on iTunes. I am disappoint :/ #
  • I'm at Webko Estate (Tinton Falls, NJ) http://t.co/U3d0JCqY #
  • I'm at Bristol-Myers Squibb (100 Nassau Park Boulevard, Princeton) http://t.co/OoJlA7va #
  • Just in time for the US -Sony announces firmware update for PS Vita, maps and video apps coming this week http://t.co/sP33p9yv via @engadget #
  • Fitting – Verizon and Redbox team up to launch streaming and physical media service later this year http://t.co/NSQnsVgS via @engadget #
  • @WiseFreeman she's a downright heart melter. in reply to WiseFreeman #
  • @WiseFreeman I'm really hoping for a second season. in reply to WiseFreeman #
  • Yay. The feds accepted my tax return 😀 Now to do state :/ #
  • Happy maybe Birthday Mewtwo! #
  • Wow. Seems like everything is happening next week; Madoka, Vita, Arrietty. Sounds good to me ^_^ #
  • Rumored to be "Project X" – Solve For X http://t.co/dybV78jL #
  • @WiseFreeman Sure works for me 😉 in reply to WiseFreeman #
  • I liked a @YouTube video from @drummercat4 http://t.co/VkwreHg9 AWESOME Mitsubishi Traction Service Elevators – #
  • Have never heard those chimes before on a Mitsu. Very nice find! (@YouTube http://t.co/VkwreHg9) #
  • Hmm… Bug fixes or advertising… http://t.co/XQZQaqAq #
  • I liked a @YouTube video http://t.co/JJbnQXGX Mitsubishi Traction Elevators @ Hotel Nikko, San Francisco CA #
  • Looks like I've managed to fill my iTunes Japan folder on my Home screen. Time to make another. #
  • I see this is from the backlog, but any chance of an impact cam? Sounds like it (@YouTube http://t.co/FaJf78y6) #
  • I liked a @YouTube video http://t.co/10iYKP1I Awesome Antique Otis Elevator at Young Quinlan Building w/ Oper #
  • I favorited a @YouTube video http://t.co/10iYKP1I Awesome Antique Otis Elevator at Young Quinlan Building w/ #
  • Absolute gem. Here's hoping it never gets replaced nor modded. (@YouTube http://t.co/10iYKP1I) #
  • Rather temped to buy guilesthe.me right now… #
  • But at $20 a year… Anyone else want it? #
  • The hardest thing about being a manga reader? Deciding between the cheaper ebook or the experience of the physical book. #
  • I'm happy to see manga in ebook format, but I've grown to love the physical copy. My bookshelf proves that ^_^; #
  • In other news, one more full week of using my DSi for only one thing: an alarm clock. Vita has one too. #
  • Now i wish my tea came with stuff – Form a Tea Habit with "Puella Magi Madoka Magica" Phone Straps http://t.co/01HUIIk0 via @crunchyroll #
  • Ah, nothing like the smell of burnt popcorn in the afternoon (actually it smells more like chard). #
  • I'm at Bristol-Myers Squibb (100 Nassau Park Boulevard, Princeton) http://t.co/j78ukjcr #
  • Sometimes I wish I could hack my TV to replace the crappy CMs we have here in the US with ones from Japan. #
  • @andrewmel @PlayStation 1st Edition. #
  • One of these days I will remember that one does not simply quickly scan over Pixiv… #
  • I've been on Pixiv for less than a month and I've already found more art that I like than I did on DA in three years. #
  • Sure, the language barrier is an issue on Pixiv, but I'd rather understand 25% of a site than spend two minutes on it before clicking away. #
  • And I think two minutes is being generous for DA, especially in the later years. #
  • And now time to go watch the new ep of Another. If I'm crying in a corner in half an hour, you know why. #
  • Well, that death didn't take long. #another #
  • I know I'm a terrible person for saying it, but after seeing this ep, I hope the class dies. Bunch of dicks. #another #
  • And now to get over the depressing mindfuck that is #Another time for #YuruYuri #
  • Well this is fitting, watching #CJ after #YuruYuri and the guest host just happens to be one of the CVs. #
  • @dannychoo have you tried Vokle? http://t.co/t5IvweUR Used it once for a live event and it went well. in reply to dannychoo #

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