A day in tweets for 2011-06-23

  • @opendns sadly, I no longer work on the site and it looks like updates to it have broken the code. It would've been similar though. #
  • Luch at…. Wegmans 😀
    Steve W. #
  • This has to be the crappiest Simon mall I've ever been in.
    Steve W. #
  • Oh how badly I wish I had the money for one: http://bit.ly/ipzacQ #
  • Dammit @Jlist. Why'd you have to come out with a new excuse for me to stock up on more stuff? Introducing Jlist points: http://bit.ly/liLyVY #
  • Change Your Fate with a Look at Teaser Poster for New Pixar http://t.co/oxl9lPF via @crunchyroll #
  • In other news, I love that @Crunchyroll passes are now 48 hours. Now I just need people to give them too :/ #
  • I must admit, that's actually a pretty neat idea Drexel. Except I don't work out 😛 http://bit.ly/jimwIm #
  • Please don't be Zynga or EA: http://tcrn.ch/ijGQxl #
  • In other, other news, some of today's tweets are automatically brought to you by Tweetdeck scheduling. Like this one. #
  • And now to try out this new PS3 game from Gamestop, Eternal Sonata. #
  • ROFL – “@nairamk: Unfortunate choice of background on @SkyNews.. http://t.co/yLEqTLQ (via/ @BeanoMark)” #
  • Samsung’s LCD Fridge With Apps Is A Fridge That Has An LCD And Apps http://bit.ly/mNB2UR #

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