Never would I have expected my phone would go off late Tuesday evening alerting me that an Amtrak train I take regularly had derailed. Does that mean I never considered a derailment as a possible event? Absolutely not. The very sad reality about the horrific events of Amtrak 188 is […]

I’d Still Take The Train Over Anything Else

I’ll admit that when it comes to newsletters in my inbox, I usually glance over them. However, one managed to catch my eye today, the Japan America Society of Greater Philadelphia’s newsletter (JASGP for short). It was pretty hard missing the banner at the top: “Become a JASGP member, win […]

Live in Philly? Want a chance to go to Japan?

If there’s just one thing I’d love to see implemented before I die, I’d love to see an international, automated, ultra-speed rail network. Personally, I absolutely hate flying. The hassle and lack of amenities that goes a long with flying just completely turns me off. Sure, it might be the fastest way to get to some […]

Why I’d Love an International Rail Network