Seriously, please don’t. It’s a question I actually hate getting asked. Wait, hate? Why? Don’t you watch a lot of anime? Well, I would say I watch “a fair bit”. Given that I’ve only been doing it for three years and the only “classic” I’ve seen is Evangelion, I think […]

Please Don’t Ever Ask What My Favorite Anime Is

I can still hardly believe it as I write this, but as of today, both The France Hopper Network and ai|inc are now a year old. Last year, at 10:18pm edt, I quietly flipped the switch on what was started as a project to try to¬†centralize¬†everything I did on the […]

Celebrating Our First Birthday

TGIF! Today was the first ever FHNWRK hackathon to complete a long backlist of site content updates. At long last, the Series page has been completed, which means that every original page from launch has now been fully completed. In case the long wait has made you forget what the […]

The First Ever FHNWRK Hackathon