If you attend Drexel, you may have received this email last night (open post to view): Likewise, you may not have. As far as I know, Drexel has not released any official number as to how many of us had our records accidentally disclosed, but I’m hearing¬†speculation on Facebook that […]

Thoughts On Drexel’s Accidental Information Disclosure

At ai, we believe in being open and honest when it comes to your privacy. That’s why effective immediately, we are rolling out a completely rewritten privacy policy. Our new policy outlines¬†specifically¬†what information we collect, what third-parties we use and partner with, and what, if any, information they report back […]

Introducing Our New Privacy Policy

If you’ve never heard of Swackett, one or more of the following may be true for you: You still get the weather from the morning newspaper (It’s OK, I used to too) You still use and get bombarded with ADs (Psst, Google “Weather:”) You wake up at 4am and […]

Why the weather forecast will never be the same