If you were to look through my iTunes library, either just a quick scroll through or in careful detail, you’ll likely notice two key things about it: a lot of the music in it is instrumental, mainly due to the large amount of video game soundtracks present in it, and for the […]

You Can Call My iTunes Library Whatever You Want, But ...

Anyone who has seen the top of my bookcase (the one full of manga) knows I’m a figure collector. However, save for a few exceptions, the majority of my collection is composed of figmas. Personally, I’d say they’re the best out there – both in terms of collection lineup and […]

I Think It Maybe Time To Add Some Nendoroids To ...

This isn’t really a question I get asked (read: actually never), but I thought it was something I should share regardless. No one showed me anime. No one said “Hey check this out, you might like it” to me. I began watching anime completely on my own. The way I […]

How I started watching anime