If you’re a long-time reader, you probably already know that I hate being asked what my favorite anime is. However, sometimes picking a favorite anime of the current season is a bit easier. Now to be fair, while I do have a Funimation subscription too, I’ve only been paying attention […]

The Perfect Insider – My Pick Of The Fall 2015 ...

At long last, we finally have a new, feature-length Ghost in the Shell movie. And it’s literally called The New Movie. An equally bad but more accurate title is Ghost in the Shell ARISE: The Movie. Now, I wasn’t even aware there was a new GiTS movie coming out until Funimation sent out an email […]

“Ghost in the Shell: The New Movie” Is Good, But ...

In case you missed it, Madman has an awesome lineup in store for anime in February. Kicking off the month is the third Madoka Magica movie, Rebellion, which is showing on both the 1st and 2nd of the month at Cinema Nova. It looks like additional showings were also now added due to […]

Live in Melbourne? February Will Be A Good Month For ...

Seriously, please don’t. It’s a question I actually hate getting asked. Wait, hate? Why? Don’t you watch a lot of anime? Well, I would say I watch “a fair bit”. Given that I’ve only been doing it for three years and the only “classic” I’ve seen is Evangelion, I think […]

Please Don’t Ever Ask What My Favorite Anime Is

Even though I watch quite a lot of anime, I very rarely review it. While I do hope to eventually review every series and movie I’ve watched, by the time one series has ended – which is when I prefer to write a review – at least five new ones […]

Are you enjoying the Time of Eve? Why yes, I ...

Anyone who has seen the top of my bookcase (the one full of manga) knows I’m a figure collector. However, save for a few exceptions, the majority of my collection is composed of figmas. Personally, I’d say they’re the best out there – both in terms of collection lineup and […]

I Think It Maybe Time To Add Some Nendoroids To ...

As the final hours of 2011 slowly tick away, I thought I’d try to recap 2011 as it happened for me. Believe me, that’s pretty tough to do. Sure, there are a few highlights I can [vaguely] recall, but with twelve months, there’s got to be more than three or […]

2011: A Year of Beginnings and Endings

Back in October, I had the opportunity to spend a weekend in New York City attending the sixth annual New York Comic Con and Anime Festival, or NYCC/AF for short. Having attended last year as well, I already had expectations for the convention after an incredible year last year. This year, for […]

New York Comic Con and Anime Festival 2011

This isn’t really a question I get asked (read: actually never), but I thought it was something I should share regardless. No one showed me anime. No one said “Hey check this out, you might like it” to me. I began watching anime completely on my own. The way I […]

How I started watching anime