According to a late-breaking on Twitter last night, Drexel is now fining streetcart vendors for vending on the sidewalk. *BREAKING* SpOt will NO LONGER be serving @DrexelUniv due to NEW police Capt’s order to fine ALL foodcart vendors for using sidewalk.Pls RT — SpOt Gourmet Burgers (@Spotburgers) July 28, 2014 […]

Thoughts On Drexel’s New Fine For Streetcart Vendors

Note: This is another post for an assignment at Drexel. If you read the other two, you know the drill. FOSS, Free and Open Source Software, is a concept that has fueled many technology innovations. There is a fairly good chance you’ve used a FOSS project without even realizing it. […]

FOSS is a Key Player In The Evolution of Technology

Having a bit of fun with mates back at Uni poke fun at Myki reminded me I haven’t shared my full thoughts on the system. Myki is a system I have to use here daily in Melbourne and while it’s not horrible, it far from being an efficient, reliable ticketing […]

Myki Isn’t Horrible, But It Has Plenty Of Room For ...

If you attend Drexel, you may have received this email last night (open post to view): Likewise, you may not have. As far as I know, Drexel has not released any official number as to how many of us had our records accidentally disclosed, but I’m hearing speculation on Facebook that […]

Thoughts On Drexel’s Accidental Information Disclosure

If you are a student of the iSchool at Drexel, like me, you’re probably aware by now that this is the last year we will be iSchool students. Earlier this week, Drexel announced the end of the iSchool of Drexel. Drexel also announced the end of the Computer Science department […]

Thoughts on Drexel’s College of Computing and Informatics