Never would I have expected my phone would go off late Tuesday evening alerting me that an Amtrak train I take regularly had derailed. Does that mean I never considered a derailment as a possible event? Absolutely not. The very sad reality about the horrific events of Amtrak 188 is […]

I’d Still Take The Train Over Anything Else

410. 469. 224. Those numbers are my YouTube subscribers count, Twitter followers, and Facebook friends, respectively. The last time I checked them all? Well over a year ago. I joined YouTube July 3, 2007. Twitter, September 2008. Facebook, March 2008. That works out to an average of 51 subscribers, 67 followers, and […]

Numbers Aren’t A Top Priority For Me

In case you missed it, SEPTA announced yesterday 24-hour subway service (as in actual trains, not busses) on the weekend is here to stay. No, seriously. I’m not kidding. And that’s huge. Earlier in the week, we got the biggest look we’ve had in a long time at the new […]

24hr Weekend Subway Service on SEPTA is Huge