Note: This is another post from the backlog, written October. Please adjust date and time references accordingly 😉 A couple of weeks ago, I had one of my typical Sunday visits to the State Library turn into a visit that left me with a mission to complete. I was catching up […]

Dear Philly, Could We Please Do Something Like Reel Anime?

Two years ago today at 14:46 (2:46PM) JST, a magnitude 9 earthquake shook the Tohoku region of Japan, followed by several aftershocks and tsunami waves up to 40.5 meters (133 ft). While several media outlets did over exaggerate the disaster, the earthquake left 15,881 dead, 6,142 injured, and 2,668 missing. Even today, Fukushima remains a […]

Keep Fighting, Japan!

As a full disclosure, yes, I do work at Zelda Reorchestrated (ZREO for short) as support staff. That’s part of the reason I’m posting this up. If you’re going to going to MAGFest in DC in now just two weeks, you might want to check out the finally released schedule […]

Zelda Reorchestrated to Hold Panel at MAGFest 11

Note: The following is cross-posted from Gemakei. This also appeared there first since my position at Gemakei is the reason I get to go to NYCC in the first place. This was also intended to go up much, much earlier than it is. Thanks to a hard drive failure, this is only […]

New York Comic Con 2012