Site Updates

Two small site updates today: The header and background were changed to complete the transition to the new theme. The new design focuses on a simple, modern feel. Hopper Books and Media was updated with new recommendations for the week. And one larger update: The A Week in Philly series has officially returned. This […]

Site Updates for 4-8-12

Edit: As you may have likely guessed by now, this post was the April Fools Day joke for this year. We are not changing our name and the site has now been restored to normal. We will be continuing to update the site theme in phases that should be complete by the […]

Announcing Our New Name

Got an iOS or Android device? Got Google Currents on it? Good news! The France Hopper Network is now available for mobile digestion on Google Currents. To add it, simply search for “The France Hopper Network” (although as you can see, just “The France Hopper” is enough). Eventually, it will also appear […]

Introducing FHNWRK for Google Currents

Don’t see the blue gradient at the top any more? Time to empty your cache. The base theme that FHNWRK uses was recently updated and included a couple new “features”. However, those “features” ended up breaking more things than adding functionality for. All of them have now been stripped out and […]

Theme Updates 9-18-11

TGIF! Today was the first ever FHNWRK hackathon to complete a long backlist of site content updates. At long last, the Series page has been completed, which means that every original page from launch has now been fully completed. In case the long wait has made you forget what the […]

The First Ever FHNWRK Hackathon

While it may not look like it, some extensive site work has been done today. The majority of it is backend stuff, but there are a few publicly noticeable changes as well. The most noticeable change should be the navigation menu update. If you’re concerned about your privacy, don’t worry, the privacy policy still exists, […]

Site Work for Aug 18 2011

Two new galleries have been added to the photo gallery, NYC ’11 and Ocean Grove. NYC  ’11 contains pictures from my trip to NYC earlier this week, mainly to MoMA. Ocean Grove contains pictures from my day trip to the beach in Ocean Grove, NJ. Both can be found on […]

Two new galleries added

If you keep an eye on the sidebar, you might have noticed two changes that were quietly added yesterday. When I originally launched FHNWRK, one of the ideas I had was to make it a centralized location for just about everything I’m up to on the web. In accordance with that idea, two […]

Soft launched a Facebook page

Or rather for real now. I’ve finally gotten around to populating the list of projects I’ve worked on over the years. I’ll be updating it as I work on/remember more projects. For now, think of it sort of like a portfolio. Or something like that. As part of the Project […]

The Projects page is now live

Recently, I was invited to join the YouTube Partner Program. As part of the program, I will need to take down any videos I did not actually create. The following videos will be taken down by Saturday, July 21st: Why marrying a good Speller is Important SEGA Logo (September 2009) […]

To all my YouTube Viewers: