Site Updates

Update 2:  All work is complete. Thanks for hanging in there. Update: The last bit of backend work is taking longer than expected, but should complete prior to the 1st of May. I’ll post a second update when processing is finally finished. There will be a site outage for a […]

[Complete!] Upcoming site outage

24 Dec: All site works are complete. Changes to services below. Final backend removal of discontinued services will take place on Friday. Wow, when’s the last time I did a site update post? Anyway, I’ll be doing some major backend work this week, which includes cleaning out pretty much every single directory on […]

[Updated] Major Site Works For The Next Week

Note to self: check host announcement more often for upgrade alerts. Recently there was an update my host applied that borked a PHP file. Said file is now fixed, and we’re now back. Sorry about that. By the way, if you have the opportunity to see The Tale of The Princess […]

Apologies for the down time

Short update today. I’ve redone the navigation menu to remove broken and/or unused pages and have renamed a couple existing items. Some items have also been consolidated. Since I can see from Google Analytics there’s been difficulty finding things, I’ve made the site map link more clear and added the […]

Testing a New Navigation Scheme

For those of you who are returning readers, you may have noticed some changes. If you’re new here, welcome. It’s good to have you. That said, this post is more for returning readers (but you’re awesome too new readers!) So, let’s get right to it. shall we? First off, yes, […]

Well hello there.

If this were a movie rather than a blog, this is where one of those fancy transitions would go. But it’s not. Nonetheless, it has indeed been a month since I’ve last posted. Given that the second to last post made on here was the one celebrating our first birthday, yeah, that […]

One Month Later…

I can still hardly believe it as I write this, but as of today, both The France Hopper Network and ai|inc are now a year old. Last year, at 10:18pm edt, I quietly flipped the switch on what was started as a project to try to centralize everything I did on the […]

Celebrating Our First Birthday