Life in Melbourne

Having a bit of fun with mates back at Uni poke fun at Myki reminded me I haven’t shared my full thoughts on the system. Myki is a system I have to use here daily in Melbourne and while it’s not horrible, it far from being an efficient, reliable ticketing […]

Myki Isn’t Horrible, But It Has Plenty Of Room For ...

In case you missed it, Madman has an awesome lineup in store for anime in February. Kicking off the month is the third Madoka Magica movie, Rebellion, which is showing on both the 1st and 2nd of the month at Cinema Nova. It looks like additional showings were also now added due to […]

Live in Melbourne? February Will Be A Good Month For ...

Note: This is another post from the backlog, written October. Please adjust date and time references accordingly 😉 A couple of weeks ago, I had one of my typical Sunday visits to the State Library turn into a visit that left me with a mission to complete. I was catching up […]

Dear Philly, Could We Please Do Something Like Reel Anime?

Update: As promised, the response from Yarra Trams, which was a phone call this morning (12 December): Mr. G has had a flawless record with no complaints prior to this one. Because of his ethnicity and accent, he is often misunderstood (which he is aware of). He did not say “Yes, […]

[Updated] Well Excuse Me For Caring About My Trams

First Things First Those of you who follow my Twitter feed and/or read The Age last Wednesday (20 November) may already know some of my thoughts on Melbourne’s newest tram, the E-Class, but I realize I haven’t formally shared them in one post. I’d like to change that. First off, in […]

The E-Class is Excellent