Life At Drexel

If you are a student of the iSchool at Drexel, like me, you’re probably aware by now that this is the last year we will be iSchool students. Earlier this week, Drexel announced the end of the iSchool of Drexel. Drexel also announced the end of the Computer Science department […]

Thoughts on Drexel’s College of Computing and Informatics

OK, technically, it is an archive, but at Drexel, the University Archives are part of the University Libraries. For the past two years now, I’ve worked at the Drexel University Archives as a Scanning Technician and now an Archives Assistant. They mean exactly the same thing, just different wording for Work-Study […]

I Work In a Library. And I Love It.

I can still hardly believe it as I write this, but as of today, both The France Hopper Network and ai|inc are now a year old. Last year, at 10:18pm edt, I quietly flipped the switch on what was started as a project to try to centralize everything I did on the […]

Celebrating Our First Birthday