A day in tweets for 2011-11-25

  • If you still don't have a @Crunchyroll membership, now would be a good time: http://t.co/7rI6wIDn #
  • Finally, after roughly a year now, I've fixed the audio settings issue on Totoro. #
  • Literally rewrote the entire Sound preference pane. #
  • “@GeniusBarTales: Happy Drunksgiving everyone. Or was we call it in Retail…Thursday.” #
  • Very sad to hear Bandai Entertainment is closing their store. Not entirely surprised though. #
  • I think its biggest issue was it was never really advertised. I doubt many knew it existed. #
  • Adjusting the webcam. That's really how it captured the light from my window. http://t.co/Z7QT20dY #
  • And turned away from the window… http://t.co/mH6RkbyR #
  • In other news, Happy Thansgiving! (Or Thursday for outside the US) #
  • So… when I rewrote the preference pane for Sound, I may have "accidentally" added an option just for Bass level. #
  • Finally got @Crackle working in PSHome. http://t.co/IPxdUSPj #

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