Three weeks ago, I learned how to ride a bike in two hours at the preview event for Indego, Philadelphia’s bike share program. I signed up for a membership and said, “So, I don’t actually know how to ride a bike.” Luckily for me, that wouldn’t be an issue. I […]

A Week With Indego

Never would I have expected my phone would go off late Tuesday evening alerting me that an Amtrak train I take regularly had derailed. Does that mean I never considered a derailment as a possible event? Absolutely not. The very sad reality about the horrific events of Amtrak 188 is […]

I’d Still Take The Train Over Anything Else

Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 4.07.25 PM
Four years and three days ago, I launched this crazy little project. A lot has happened since then, both on here and in my life. Incidentally, four weeks from now is when I plan to graduate from Drexel, or in other words,¬†one month. I figured now might be a good […]

Meet The New France Hopper Network

The word about Indego is definitely out now – and that should be a good thing. The numbers would lead one to believe it is; 8,000 rides in the first week isn’t a bad number at all. However, on a system with about 60 stations – three of which are […]

The [Sad] Reality of Indego