If you want to skip right to the review, click here, as I’d like to start with a bit of the story on how my current laptop came to be. I’m often asked why I use a Mac, especially considering my first computer from 1996 was a PC – one […]

A Month With The 15in Mid-2015 MacBook Pro

I’d like to touch on a controversial subject today. I think it’s a great thing that gay marriage is now legal under federal law in the US, but I also think it took far too long for a ruling to say so. I think it’s also incredibly sad that we needed […]

It Doesn’t Matter To Me Who You Identify As

Perhaps it is unfair to say the Pebble Time needs more time after only a month of usage, but Pebble Time in its current state is a bit of a disappointment. If you have an iPhone. For the Androrids, Pebble Time is probably better suited for you, and I would consider […]

Pebble Time Still Needs Time

I certainly hope it isn’t, but When Marnie Was There might be the perfect film to be Studio Ghibli’s last. I can’t think of a good spoiler-free plot summary, so I suggest the film’s website for one. Marnie is without a doubt a masterpiece, and if you have high expectations of Studio Ghibli, especially after […]

When Marnie Was There Would Be Just Fine As Studio ...