Earlier this week, as part of a competition Crunchyroll is running, I released a video to YouTube talking about what Crunchyroll means to me. In case you haven’t seen it, here it is: However, having just renewed my Premium subscription for the fifth year in a row, there is much […]

What Crunchyroll Really Means To Me

I’m sure there will be significant backlash (or would, if I ever got any) over placing Euphonium over Unlimited Budget Works II: The Hype Is Real (actual title: Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works) for this anime season, but never before has there been a series that has surprised me like Euphonium has. While […]

Sound! Euphonium Is THE Show To Be Watching This Anime ...

I certainly hope it isn’t, but When Marnie Was There might be the perfect film to be Studio Ghibli’s last. I can’t think of a good spoiler-free plot summary, so I suggest the film’s website for one. Marnie is without a doubt a masterpiece, and if you have high expectations of Studio Ghibli, especially after […]

When Marnie Was There Would Be Just Fine As Studio ...

Last Thursday morning, I had the last class of my academic career. It’s still sinking in. Thirty minutes ago, I submitted my last assignment. That feels equally weird. Earlier this morning, I started the annual move out of the dorm, which I have gotten used to thanks to my co-ops […]

Farewell to Drexel