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Why You Should Care SEPTA Has An API

August 28, 2014

If you’re not a programmer, that title no doubt makes no sense to you. API stands for Application Programming Interface. In a nutshell, an API allows you to interact with data and applications. In the case of SEPTA, it means you can get the location of every single vehicle – except for the subways – […]


Why Don’t I Have A “Professional” Profile Photo On LinkedIn?

August 21, 2014

Depending on the type of person you are, and perhaps depending on where you work as well, you might be surprised by what you find on my LinkedIn profile. Maybe it will be my profile photo, hopefully the first thing you notice, as I assume the designers over at LinkedIn designed profile pages with that […]

Thoughts On Drexel’s New Fine For Streetcart Vendors

July 28, 2014

According to a late-breaking on Twitter last night, Drexel is now fining streetcart vendors for vending on the sidewalk. *BREAKING* SpOt will NO LONGER be serving @DrexelUniv due to NEW police Capt’s order to fine ALL foodcart vendors for using sidewalk.Pls RT — SpOt Gourmet Burgers (@Spotburgers) July 28, 2014 My feelings on this are […]


Suburbia Is Nice, But I Prefer The City

July 5, 2014

One of the little known facts about me may be that I didn’t actually grow up in a certain city in Missouri, strictly speaking. I actually grew up in a suburb. In fact, I can’t actually remember if I ever did get to see downtown. My family moved to New Jersey in 1998 anyway, so […]

“We value testing ideas, not talking about them.”

June 10, 2014

A year ago, Paul english of Kayak had a rather interesting interview with The New York Times. The title of this post is one of his ideas that blew me away. Personally, I’m a fan of risk. Yes, that is a dangerous decision and there have been launch-day purchases and other investments I’ve regretted, but like failure, […]

Thoughts On Teams And The “Essential Four Types”

June 10, 2014

Considering that VMware is, perhaps, one of the best known and respected names in the information technology field, I think it should come as little surprise that VMware’s CEO, Paul Maritz, knows how to run a successful business. The New York Times interviewed him in 2010, and it’s worth a read. Strong leadership, no matter […]


Picture Post: Cat nap.

August 30, 2014